Being Yourself – True Authenticity

The internet has been a means to educate, entertain oneself, and even communicate with others. While there are various upsides, there are also downsides to this. One potential downside to the internet, is the opportunity for users to pretend to be someone that they are not. Time and time again, there are users that create accounts pretending to be someone that their true identity does not encompass.

We even see this on parade in real life. There are people that constantly change their personality or identity to fit in with a certain crowd. This is similar to that of a chameleon. Chameleon’s blend in with their surroundings, in the attempt to remain hidden from predators. They are masterful when it comes to camouflage. There are those within our world that act or behave in the same way.

Individuality or maintaining who you were created to be, causes you to stand out from the crowd. Attempting to follow others, or who you think others want you to be, takes away from your God given purpose and uniqueness. To be authentic means, to truly be yourself without any added accents or subtracted dispositions.

The world is full of person’s that are seeking the approval of others, or attempting to gain a sense of fulfillment by attaching extra baggage with the hope to be deemed relevant. However the truth is, all of us are relevant, especially in God’s eyes. Our worth should never be defined by what the world says, or who is thinking of us.

When you are comfortable with who you are, and who you were created to be, then changing to appease others or to fit a mold will become non-existent. For example, users that create multiple accounts online and do so with various personalities, exhibit a sign of their own issues. These issues are fixable, but if remained unchecked they can pose a greater threat to their life and stability in the long run.

The point is, rather than creating multiple personalities (this is not in the context of the actual disorder which can be addressed by medical professionals) it is beneficial to find out, who you are, and to appreciate who you are. It all starts with you. Once you love yourself, you will begin to live life with a mission, and using the gifts and talents that you have.

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