Flowers In the Field Of Life

field%20in%20a%20wild%20flowersHave you ever noticed that flowers and essentially all of plant life, have one thing in common?  That one aspect, is that of blooming and wilting. It is a process in which all forms of plant life, experience their beginning stages which is that of being planted in fertile soil, and eventually blooming — to eventually succumbing to the wilting process which ultimately means expiration.

As you might have heard, the famous writer, author, singer, and dancer Maya Angelou passed away, today at the age of 86. As I heard this news, I began to think about our lives being similar to that of flowers.  There are many famous individuals like Maya Angelou who pass away, that left a legacy that many can look to for inspiration as time edges onward.  However, even outside of those who are famous, millions pass away every day and every year, leaving either a positive or a negative legacy.

However, I wanted to use Maya Angelou and the above as an example, to categorize each of our own lives, in terms of the process of life itself.  We are essentially “Flowers In The Field Of Life”.  This means, that our lives come and go. One verse of scripture from the Bible that points to this truth is found in 1 Peter 1:24.  It says:

“For, “All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall,”

This scripture exacts the truth about humanity and our frailty.  We are finite beings, which means our time comes and goes.  Just as flowers or plant life at some point fades, our Earthly lives were meant to exist for a short period of time.

However, to avoid the risk of portraying a grim yet truthful metaphor, I want to focus on the positive aspect of how our lives can be integrated into the idea that we are just as flowers in any given field.

The first point regarding flowers or plant life is] that, there is a blooming process.  Flowers that receive the proper nutrients from fertile soil, eventually undergo a blooming state.  This is the point in which a flower reaches maturity to the point that it begins to open from its closed state, into a new and revealed disposition.  Another aspect of the blooming process is that of time, as in there are flowers that bloom later than others.  Flowers have varied blooming times, and yet if a flower is fortunate enough to bloom or peak, it’s beauty is radiated for all who witness it.

Humanity is quite the same.  Our blooming process can begin at varied stages of our lives.  Some bloom earlier in their teenage or young adult years, while others begin to bloom later in life.  This can be attributed to various experiences which result in accomplishing our purpose and fulfilling our destiny.  Of course, not everyone finds or accomplishes what they were meant to, but as long as life still exists, there is time for your life and the life of others to bloom.

Then there is of course the 2nd process which is that of wilting.  This is more so a negative part of life or the life of a flower, because it invokes a picture that isn’t as graceful as perhaps the beginning phase of a flower or human life was. Every flower wilts when its cycle is coming to a close.  The natural phenomenon is evident in all creatures, but specifically to the flower or plant form, the process of death or wilting is something that is inescapable.  It signifies the beginning of the end of the life that was on display.

The same is true for human life.  We all reach a point in which we  age, and our bodies begin to revert back to the dust from whence it came.  Our lives were not meant to live eternally in the physical sense.  So as a result, visible signs of aging and deterioration show forth, because it is signifying how life works for us here on Earth.

However, to add a layer of positivity, flowers that wilt offer each onlooker the opportunity to remember the beauty that existed during the flower’s peak.  The same  can be applied to humanity.  Just because we age and portray the ending of life so to speak, it doesn’t mean that one’s life cannot behold the beauty or legacy that one will leave.  Also note, when we grow older, there is an opportunity to share the wisdom that we have gained over the years, with those that are starting out in their life. The advantage of our wilting process is that we can inspire and encourage others with our own life experiences, while at the same time ensuring that we leave a lasting legacy for the world to partake in.

Our lives are temporary just as the lives of flowers and other plant life are. However, despite our finiteness, the lesson that should be grasped here is, there is so much we can learn from the process of blooming and wilting.  In the beginning and in the end of our lives, we have the opportunity to provide not only wisdom, but insight and encouragement that comes from our life experiences.  Life was meant to provide a myriad of feelings and opportunities for personal growth.  However, even when we near the end of our lives, the one thing that remains true is that we are all flowers in the field of life.

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