Your Reputation Speaks Volumes

All of us have a reputation, whether it be positive or negative. We are all perceived based on our behavior, how we communicate with others, and in many cases based on the legacy or lineage of our parents. What we do, and how we do it, goes before us in every arena of our lives. One such example are of those who are the children of celebrities. Often times, they are the beneficiaries of their parents. Basically, a child of a celebrity is probably best known for the things that their parents have accomplished, as opposed to what they have done in their own merit. What we see in the public view, is that a child or a celebrity is either celebrated because who they are and what they have done, or scorned because of negative actions they have taken. It is basically meaning that the child did not live up to the expectation of their parents or even those placed upon them, from the onlookers. However, even they who are the offspring of a celebrity couple or individual, have a reputation that can thrive or suffer based on individual choices.

From my own personal story, I have lived in somewhat of a “celebrity” status. Growing up as a preacher’s kid, I understood what it felt like to experience the eyes of others, analyzing every move I made. As I grew up in the church, it meant that there were certain expectations of my behavior and how I portrayed my demeanor. Of course, I was not the type to get into trouble or to be disrespectful. Instead, I shied away from the attention and dealt with the pressure internally. However, in doing so the reputation that I have left and even in today’s time, has been nothing negative but positive. It was a choice that I made, to stay the course of honoring my parents and authority. It was a conscious decision not to follow my peers, but to stay steady in a path that led to healthy choices. In doing so, I avoided anything negative that could have been be said or thought of, based on individual commitments to God first, and then to my family and myself.

Believe it or not, you too have a reputation that has been and continues to be built. All of us are known for the things that we do and say. Have you ever met a person that exuded a disposition that lifted your spirits so to speak, in a way that left you feeling better for knowing that person? It is the same way when you happen to meet someone, who reflects a bitter or angry type of energy. All of us are either drawn to or repelled based on behavior. The question becomes, what reputation have you left? What are others going to remember about your life, when you have passed?

Your reputation is essentially your name. This means, that your name is associated with behaviors that you engage in. The unfortunate thing about a reputation is that if you choose to succumb to a negative pattern in terms of your daily transactions, it is then how others identify you. Your identity is not necessarily the sum total of your choices, but it can become linked to you personally. However, on the flip side there is always an opportunity for redemption.

Just as your reputation can be marred or sullied based on negative choices, there is hope for turnaround. While your past mistakes will always be apart of your life, the hope is in the fact that your mistakes do not define your future. Often times, it is so easy to look at a person’s life based on what they did, instead of seeing them through the eyes of God’s grace. Grace creates an opportunity to extend forgiveness and even a second chance for wrongs done unto us. It also increases our ability to see the changes in a person, rather than focusing on their negative history.

At the end of the day, we all have a reputation. How we are perceived is usually based on how we interact with others, and how we are from a personal stand point. We all have the privilege to maintain a positive reputation, because if we do so, we are setting ourselves up for a future that will involve being well spoken of. A good reputation can open doors for an abundance of opportunities. How you engage with others, makes a difference more than you or I can ever know. However, just by making the appropriate choices everyday, you can avoid the pitfall of being recognized for negative traits and behaviors.

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