Relationships – What Plants Can Teach Us

ID-100172390Plant life is a phenomenon that is a gift from God, and it has been the ever present ornament that has been on display for centuries.  It is the life of a plant that not only enhances the visible aspect of our world, but it is the nutrition and medical benefits that plants contribute to our lives. For example, plants provide various levels of oxygen which is essential for the air that we breathe.  They also improve our environment by addressing all of the necessities for a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.  Plants have so many benefits to not only the survival of humanity but also to animal life. However, as plant life can prove to be an entity that brings a positive contribution to its surroundings, there are parallels that we can draw that apply to relationships.

Since most of us are involved in one type of relationship or another, we should take note of what the building blocks are for our relationships, and what qualities or lessons we can learn from plant life.  Here are a few things that plants can teach us regarding relationships:

1. Just like plants, relationships require time for growth – Before a plant fully develops, it has to undergo a period of stages.  Each stage represents a moment or length of time in which growth or maturity takes place.  As a plant blossoms into its ultimate state, it does so throughout the proper time allotted.  Relationships also require time and development.  Sometimes, relationships can suffer from a lack of patience.  Take for instance a man and a woman, who have found interest in each other and they have met for the first time. What if they decided to start a romantic relationship a week after meeting?  Chances are, the relationship will quickly fizzle out because time was not given in order for it to grow at a healthy pace.  All relationships take time to develop.  Without the appropriate amount of time, each relationship will wither and ultimately die from a lack of maturity.  Plants just as relationships require appropriate timing and a willingness to wait for the next stage.  Rushing into a relationship and through it, only leads to heartache in the end, because each individual did not have enough time to acclimate themselves to each other.  Take the time to see each relationship through until it fully matures.

2. Relationships grow because of care and conditioning – Plants need sunlight, water, and the appropriate environment to flourish.  The process of photosynthesis is involved when plants use sunlight, oxygen, and water to create nourishment for growth.  However, without all of the nutrients and the right environment, a plant cannot exist or grow properly.  Relationships also require nourishment and care.  Every relationship needs attention so that those involved understand just how it is that they fit within the life of another.  It also involves communication so that words convey the message and the mutual feeling from one person to another.  All relationships need to be conditioned so that each person involved not only senses the closeness but they also feel as if they are wanted.  Time also counts towards the area of proper care and conditioning.  However, the overall idea is to understand that how we interact with each other matters to the level of growth our relationships experience.  Little or no interaction, leads to stagnation and ultimately a dissolving of what we are engaged in.

3. Firmly planted roots increases the flow of nutrients to all relationships – Besides sunlight, water, and oxygen, a plant needs to be entrenched in soil that is rich with minerals. So, when you plant a seed in the ground it must be in fertile soil which in turn will provide an environment for the plant flourish as it grows.  In addition, a plant must have its roots firmly planted in the ground so that it can receive nutrients throughout its life span.  Even our relationships must be firmly rooted and planted.  The very foundation of any relationship is one of friendship and trust.  If you have a friendship, then it means that you are willing to stand with your friend even when life is not kind to that person.  You are dedicated to the person despite any obstacles the two (or more) of you may face.  Trust is also necessary, because it suggests that you can rely on the person and entrust them with your inner feelings while they trust you with theirs.  With both of these two aspects as the foundation, you will continue to see maturity in your relationship. However, without the foundation of friendship and trust then the relationship could suffer from an uprooting process.  This means, there is a possibility of discord, distrust, and a lack of patience which can sever the relationship from its root. Essentially, if a plant is taken from its original roots then it can no longer receive nutrients from the soil, which means that life can and will ultimately end.

Each of our relationships have a life span just as a plant does.  However, the quality of each relationship is determined upon how well we take care of them, and what we feed them.  If we choose to neglect our relationships then it is likely that they will start the process of withering and eventually they will die.  However, to avoid this we must look at our relationships to see if we are properly caring for them.  We must also examine our foundations so that our relationships are rooted in friendship and in trust.  Plants are living beings which are not always treasured as much as they could be.  However, the plant as an organism is full of the life that God has granted it.  Just as God has granted each plant a life, we too have life.  In our lives, relationships exist.  Our ecosystem is comprised of people that we may befriend and come in contact with everyday.  However, for our ecosystem to be beneficial, it will take dedication, the proper time to create our relationships, and the appropriate foundation.  Look at your relationships and see how well they have matured.  What you do, and how well you address each relationship will show in the level of growth you see on a daily basis.

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