Who We Are – Ways That We Show Our True Identity

Every single day, you wake up in the morning to arise to a brand new day.  Within each day, there are various responsibilities and endeavors that take place.  However, as you step through the door of your home, you enter into a world that is comprised of a sea of humanity.  Each person that you may or may not meet, has experienced a different way of living than perhaps yourself.

There may be similarities that you may have with others, but our experiences and our way of living is what makes us unique.  Within the life of each person that exists, are characteristics, dispositions, and interests.  It is possible and even preferable to find commonality among those you come into contact with.  However, as you meet each person and time has provided an opportunity for learning, you will find that there are ways that we all emit who we truly are.

1. What we communicate – There is a Bible verse that is found in Luke 6:45 which says:

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” 

The key part of that verse is the latter part of it which points to the heart of a man.  All of us have interests, thoughts, dreams, and goals that we want to accomplish.  When you and I communicate, we are essentially speaking out of what we are full of as the scripture mentions.  If you want to discover what is most dear to a person, then you will have to listen to what they say.  The more a person talks, the easier it is to find out what the individual’s interests are.  The identity of a person can be found when we unearth not only the interests, but also the desires that come from the words of others.  It is in the process of getting to know someone, that you are engaged in active communication.  Merely observing habits without relationship or conversation does not reveal who a person is. However, when you are seeking revelation into who a person is, the best option is to have a conversation. Words, regardless of how positive or negative they are, will shed light into the identity of the person and what their heart consists of.

2. How we spend our time – This could be closely aligned with what you do, but the keyword here is, “time”.  What is it that you spend most of your time doing?  What is the activity that describes your interest or passion?  Where we spend our time and what we do, is another way that others can see just what identifies who we are.  Of course, we should not mistake what we do for who we are, but what we do is often a part of who we are even if it isn’t the sum total. Daily, you can tell what a person likes or dislikes but focusing on where and how time is spent.  If you know of a person who is a regular volunteer in their community, then it is safe to say that the individual values volunteerism and giving their time.  Even outside of civic participation, your daily or weekly leisurely activities can pinpoint what is important to you.  Your identity in part is tied to what you engage in, and how you spend your time.

3. The passion that we have – Have you ever talked to a friend or a colleague about a particular subject that invoked passion?  Usually our inner being burns for whatever we are passionate about.  If someone is passionate about politics, sports, or the culinary arts, then it will show in their zeal and what they communicate.  Every person has at least one thing that they are passionate about.  It is the topic or the very thought of your heart’s desire that brings forth the passion that infects everything around it.  Your identity and even your purpose can be revealed through your passions.  We tell others about who we are by the passion that we speak with, and the actions that translate the fervor into reality.

Are you finding yourself in a state of curiosity about someone you have recently met?  The best way to get to know a person is listen to what they say.  Communication will always show forth a person’s true intent and who they are.  Secondly, look at how they spend their time.  Finally, examine what their deepest passions are.  All of us have our own interests and our identities are unique compared to the rest of humanity.  However, the more we allow others to come into contact with us, the more we are likely to show who we are.  It is the act of expressing ourselves that those around us find out what our true identity is.

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