The Value of Having a Family

ID-10089296We live in a world that is comprised of a sea of humanity – individuals that are all seeking to accomplish their own goals.  As time has continued onward, we have seen the increase in individuality and even forms of ambition for one’s own life.  In today’s social climate, it seems that there isn’t as much of a focus on others but more so the focus has become placed upon oneself.  However, there are moments that we should be reminded that our lives are an extension of the families that we were born into.

What does the term “family” mean?  According to, the family is defined as the following:

  1. basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not:
  2. social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for:

A family is a collective group of individuals that exist with the purpose of providing social structure and even identity as it relates to a person’s birth and culture.  The essence of family is the framework which allows each individual to play a role in either the development or nourishment of another.  Families consist of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, etc.  The foundation of every society which God put into put into place was that of the family.  It was and is upon the family structure that we are meant to have civilization from its starting point.  Of course, as each individual grows up, there may be the goal to seek companionship and ultimately to have children which further extends one’s lineage.

However, what is the value of family?  Why is family such an integral part of a person’s identity and development?  Here are a few thoughts on the value of having a family:

1. Family provides a sense of togetherness – Out of every external relationship one of the most important and coveted relationships is that of one family member to another.  To know that you have a family that you can go home to, or call on the phone is a gift.  Togetherness can be used to describe the act of joining to and with one another as life is lived.  There are many deviants that exist within society that commit various crimes which often, stems back to troubled family matters.  It is the family that institutes structure to each person because it is the basis for incorporating core values and even the way of living which is conducive to society.  Without togetherness, then the basic elements of society begin to crumble which leads to chaos and a devolution of the way of life.

2. Identity is derived from your family – When a child is born, the identity is shaped from not only the Mother and Father but also the extended family.  It is the process of grafting one’s life into a nucleus of family members which cultivates a person’s identity.  Part of the reason as to why there are so many individuals that do not know who they are, is because they do not or did not have a connection with the family that they were born into.  Each part of the family is an essential influence into who and what a person becomes.  It is ultimately the breeding ground for core values, family history, and even genetic predispositions that run within the family.  It is a person’s framework which is often decided based on family history or even influence by a Mother and a Father. Much of the questions that we have concerning ourselves, can be traced back to our family. To know your family and its history, is to know your heritage and the lineage you come from.

3. At the end of the day family is all you have – If you have any kind of relationship with those in your family, they will always be the last thing that you will have.  A family that is anchored in the idea of unity and lending a helping hand, is a family that will always treasure those within it.  Outside of personal relationships, your family is what will survive as long as generations continue.  During the moments of personal tragedy, financial hardship, and even the need for consultation, the essence of family is to serve as an antiseptic to the wounds of life. When everyone else has left you, it is your family that should be the place of connection.  By building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your family members, you will then have access to love and the warmth that comes with value of family.

The most important value to having a family is that of remaining open to those within your family.  This means, actively pursuing your familial relationships by spending time and also celebrating special achievements.  However, in doing so, you must incorporate your presence within your family tree.  A family can exist by its nomenclature, but the essence of a family goes beyond the definition.  It is to spread the sense of unity through time, communication, and being the agent of healing when life is not kind to you.  The value of having family is recognizing that you are not alone in this journey.  Friends may come and go, but your family is the structure that holds within it the keys to who you are, and who the next generations will be.

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