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Choosing the Correct Doors to Walk Through in Your Life

If you have ever watched the game show, “Lets Make a Deal” you may be familiar with the part of the game that is called, “Big Deal”.  This is a portion of the show in which each contestant can participate … Continue reading

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The Game Of Risk – Life Applications

If you are old enough to remember, and even if you are young enough to have heard about it, there is a strategic board game in existence by the name of “Risk”. Risk was first published as a board game … Continue reading

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The Win – Loss Ratio of Life

Have you ever heard of the term, “win/loss ratio?” For those of you who may be immersed in financial investment (i.e. stock investing) then you will be familiar with this term.  However, for those of us who perhaps do not … Continue reading

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Your Reputation Speaks Volumes

All of us have a reputation, whether it be positive or negative. We are all perceived based on our behavior, how we communicate with others, and in many cases based on the legacy or lineage of our parents. What we … Continue reading

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Change – The Life Altering Scenario

Change is an element within life that often comes when we least expect it.  It is often times a double edged sword in that, there are times when change can is welcomed, and other times when change is either unnecessary … Continue reading

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