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You Are Not Just A Number

Have you ever felt like, you were just a singleton or a statistic in the pool of humanity?  There are many who feel this way.  Day in and day out, we may see individuals that we do not know by … Continue reading

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Flowers In the Field Of Life

Have you ever noticed that flowers and essentially all of plant life, have one thing in common?  That one aspect, is that of blooming and wilting. It is a process in which all forms of plant life, experience their beginning … Continue reading

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The Human Struggle – Fighting To Succeed

Everyone is entrenched in a personal battle. All of us are struggling with something, whether we are bold enough to admit it or not. Some call it, “personal prisons”. Other’s call it, “trials and tribulations”, but the main thing is … Continue reading

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Everyone Has a Purpose – What Is Yours?

There is the age old question that many have pondered and even asked, “What is the meaning of life?” Often times, this question remains unanswered, because there are a myriad of ways that one can approach the answer to this.  … Continue reading

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